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Prior to entering private practice, Mr. English served as a federal prosecutor with the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice and the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Virginia. The firm emphasizes the defense of criminal matters including state and federal cases as well as military courts-martial.
Mr. English’s practice focuses on vigorous advocacy during trials and appeals. He has tried hundreds of felony cases and represented clients in hundreds of appeals. He has won many acquittals over the years in a wide variety of cases in state and federal courts. He is qualified to handle death penalty cases in federal court. He also expertly defends military courts-martial, utilizing his prior experience as both a trial counsel (the military term for prosecutor) and defense attorney in the United States Army. While serving as a Senior Trial Attorney at the Narcotics Section of the Justice Department, Mr. English authored a monograph entitled A Federal Prosecutor's Guide to Bond and Sentencing Issues (1984) which was used in training federal prosecutors. Prior to the enactment of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines on November 1, 1986 Mr. English served as the Narcotics Section point of contact for the Justice Department and prepared the Department's comments which lead to refinements of the proposed guidelines. He has used this expertise on a daily basis since the guidelines were enacted to obtain the lowest possible sentences for his clients. For example, in 2008 Mr. English was retained to represent a defendant who was pending sentencing in the federal court in Alexandria while being represented by another attorney. Mr. English successfully argued that the career offender guidelines did not apply, an issue which had not been raised by the prior counsel, and saved his client almost 200 months in prison.

Criminal Defense 
As a former trial attorney in the Army Judge Advocate General's Corps and retired Lieutenant Colonel in the D.C. Army National Guard, Mr. English is familiar with the Uniform Code of Military Justice and procedures unique to military tribunals. 
During his tour of active duty as a Regular Army Captain assigned to the Judge Advocate General's Corps, CPT English served as a trial counsel (prosecutor) and Chief of Military Justice for three years on Okinawa, an extremely busy General Court-Martial jurisdiction during the war in Vietnam. He then served as an appellate attorney for one year. Following his discharge from active duty he served as a Defense Attorney, Military Judge, and Staff Judge Advocate for the D.C. Army National Guard until his retirement with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
As a civilian attorney he has won acquittals of active duty members in dozens of Courts-Martial since he left the Justice Department in 1986. LTC English has won cases before Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, and Coast Guard General Courts-Martial. He has also successfully handled non-criminal matters such as administrative elimination boards, physical evaluation boards, and the various services' boards for the correction of military records.
LTC English's military professional education includes graduating from the Army JAGC Basic Officer and Advanced Officer courses, as well as the Navy War College. His prior military training included USMC boot camp, ITR, and the combat engineer school. He later graduated from Army ROTC at the University of Virginia where he was initially commissioned as a 2LT. He was admitted to practice before the courts then known as the Court of Military Appeals in 1973 and the Army Court of Military Review in 1976. For several years, LTC English served on a pro bono basis as General Counsel for the National Defense University Foundation.

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